2019 - ongoing

Ephemeral sculptures / digital prints


Bio-issues, alterity, ecosphere, ecofeminism, subject positions, cosmologies, multi-species ontologies, practice as research.

"Incu-Bichu" is an ongoing series of DIY bio forms that grow in an incubator and enable me to study natural processes that, through time, create entities that defy categorization. A bio-based symbiotic interaction unfolds as mold grows and takes over decaying vegetables and fruits that become necessary nutrients to keep microorganisms alive, creating transspecies assemblages. Like in an alchemist kitchen where substances continually act with one another to shape new things, these works are in transition and they unfold through different states of transformation. Living and dying, growth and decay, overlap in the space and volume of the contaminated foods. Although the decaying vegetables and fruits are rendered inedible for humans, the death of the organic tissue is accompanied by the thriving growth of the infecting bacteria, mold and fungi, suggesting that different bodies, organisms, and species are in the process of becoming with each other through ongoing negotiations. With the aim of reinterpreting subjectivities and positions about who/what has the right to exist and thrive, the organic sculptures underscore interconnections and mutual dependence between different organisms and species.
Incu-Bichu image © Pat Badani.